BHH Speed Bottle Opener
BHH Speed Bottle Opener

BHH Speed Bottle Opener

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Mike's Useless Fact:

Do you know how many different types of bottle openers there are? There's too many that's for sure.

The boys made it easy for you. They picked only the best of the best. 

Call it the Bar Blade or Paddle Opener... We know them as Speed Openers. This is the style you'll commonly see bartenders use, because they reduce strain on the wrist from continuously opening bottles. They also make it incredibly fast to open a bottle. 

What is the Circle Side of a Bottle Opener For?

Most bartenders use a speed blade that has a circle on the opposite end of the bottle opener. The circular end is used to slide down the neck of a glass bottle to pull it out of a cooler. This prevents bartenders from having to get their hands cold and wet.

Grab a BHH Speed Opener so you can crack a cold one in record time all before the opening credits roll on the next BHH episode!

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